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Dears readers,

Preparing pictures and documents for this new web site, it was for me a “fantastic dive into the past”, a past that start more than thirty years ago. I relived each project, as they were just yesterday, the good time and the bad time like in any project but mainly I relived the satisfaction and appreciation we received from our Clients at the end of each project. The hours spent to study the projects and the time to elaborate the best way to execute it, the continuous confront with the supplier, the installer and anyone that helped us to reach the final result. Is easy to design but for us it was important to design in a way that later can be execute without reach extremely high costs. We always care to quality; we never compromise it even if at the end the cost was more than the expected.

To be able to do that you should have next to you a group of people that love this work like you.

With this I would like to thank all the people that in this long period help me, supported me fully to achieve something that make all of us proud of our story. Unfortunately, with the time people change, lifestyle change, opinions change, so the group is dispersed leaving me alone to continue this beautiful story that is the Archiade one.

In particular I would like to thank for their full support and bearing me for all this time:

Paolo, Nestor, Fabrizio, Simona, Francesca

Emilio Dini Ciacci

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